About the Lancefield
Tennis Club

Roger Barr and son, Rohan.

Make a Change Australia

By KarenCorr May 9, 2016

Get out in the community and have a community profile.

Back in 2011 we raised $55,000 to build four new courts, with a membership of 55 people.  It was tough going. We went to every community event and hosted lots of fundraisers. We raised the money, increased our membership to 135 people and people now think our club is vibrant, healthy and progressive.

Roger Barr – Lancefield Tennis Club

And the Club Continues to Thrive

The Lancefield Tennis Club was established in the early 1900s and continues to provide recreational sport for the Lancefield community.

The Lancefield Tennis Club is a strong and thriving club – on and off the court. The aim of the Club is to promote fitness, social interaction, and self-confidence for all participants in our community. We welcome all players of all abilities.

During the competition year, the club averages 5 junior teams, 3 Senior teams, 7 mid-week teams, social nights, 2 cardio tennis sessions and coaching 5 nights per week.

Australian Business Name

Trading under the name Lancefield Tennis Club Inc, the club is an incorporated association.

The ABN for the Club is: 54 656 557 011

Incorporation Number is: A0005832W

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